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As some of you might have already noticed, we have made updates to the preview images on WinCustomize. There was a couple of reasons this was changed, and one of those is for in-app browsing of skins.

With these changes made, and that we have several apps already supporting in-app browsing, we are asking all skinners and uploaders to now upload preview images in a 16:9 format.

We are specifically recommending (and this has been noted on the upload page) a 1920x1080 resolution for your preview images.

Right now we want to get the word out about the changes, but in the coming weeks this will become more of a requirement to ensure a consistent preview experience.

Thanks for your support and for all the wonderful creations you share with the community!


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August is here! Summer is quickly wrapping up and we'll be sliding right into Fall before we know it. But since we're starting a new month lets look at some of the newest wallpapers available on WinCustomize!

You can browse all wallpapers in the wallpaper gallery, or do a search at the top-right of the site if you're looking for a particular scene, color, or any other keyword. 

Volcano Erupting at Night

Roaming Stormtrooper

Dovic station


Hilltop view at night 4K




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The holidays we celebrate throughout the year have always been a popular occasion to apply some cool skins and themes to your desktop. Out of all the holidays during the year, a few stand out for skinning.

  • Christmas
  • Halloween
  • Valentine's Day
  • New Years

I think Christmas and Halloween are the two favorites, and they are definitely mine!

Do you have a favorite skinning "holiday"? Let me know in the comments if any of these area favorite, or if I missed one.



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Jul 29, 2020 3:30 PM by Discussion: Personal Computing

Happy Birthday Windows 10! Today is 5 years since Windows 10 was originally released on July 29th, 2015. I've been a user since before that being in various beta programs, and overall I have been happy with it over these past few years. It's also exciting for me to be part of a great company that makes awesome products to make Windows 10 even better!

Windows 10 has certainly changed a lot over the past 5 years with lots of updates, and our friends over at Neowin have put together a great article with lots of screenshots on what has changed.

It's a great post showing a visual comparison of Windows 10, so be sure to head over there and check it out!

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I can't believe we are just coasting through summer and that August is just about here! I hope you're staying somewhat cool as the heat here has been just about unbearable. It has been quite a busy summer already and that's what we'll go over in this month wrap-up.

Stardock News:

NOW AVAILABLE: Curtains - Add Additional Style Modes to Windows 10

"Stardock released its new customization tool today. Curtains™ allows users to apply new styles along the lines of Dark Mode and Light to Windows® 10.

Taking advantage of the groundwork built to support light and dark mode, Curtains includes several new styles including Fluent, Cairo, and Crystal mode that enhance the look and feel of the Windows UI along with apps that already support light and dark mode."



Community Posts You Might Have Missed:

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New Skins, Themes, and Wallpapers:

MustangGT (WindowBlinds)

eXperience (WindowBlinds)

Drone Shot of Beach and Water (Wallpaper)

Summer Countryside (Wallpaper)

Tropical Beach Under the Coconut Palm (DeskScapes)

4K Earth Day and Night (DeskScapes)

Play (Curtains)



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Computer monitors have become much bigger and the prices have become quite more reasonable than they used to. I picked up a nice 34" widescreen for just a couple of hundred bucks. It's not 4K, but HD has been working quite well for me. I do have a 4K touchscreen laptop, and that is certainly nice to have when working with images and video.

But the question today is what size wallpaper resolution do you typically look to download? Do you even look to see what resolutions are available?

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I have a new CNC machine going in my shop, and I needed a Windows PC to run the code going to the machine. My current laptop I use for work is a Dell XPS 15" 4K touchscreen which is something I'm not going to keep in a place that is often filled with sawdust. So I needed something as cheap as possible but still capable of running quite a few applications. After searching on Amazon and eBay I narrowed it down to a $90 Windows tablet and an Acer 15" laptop for $190. I ended up purchasing the laptop as I preferred the much larger screen. It certainly has it's limitations, but with a 1080p screen, 4GB of RAM, and wi-fi, it should do everything I need and more for this particular task.

It came installed with Windows 10 S, and upgrading it for free to Windows 10 Home as I needed to install software that isn't available on the Microsoft Store. Now I took the time and cleaned out all the installed apps using Ashampoo Unistaller 9 so I could install just the handful of apps I need for shop work.

If you've read my blogs over the years you won't be surprised to hear Fences was the first app I installed. I use Fences on all of my PCs to quickly access folders and to group icons that I usually organize into projects. I can't express how much time this saves me from finding my project files and just keeping things organized. I will also make a folder portal with OneDrive so I can easily transfer files from my office PC to the shop laptop. Start10 is also installed which also gives me the ability to integrate Fences into the Start menu.

Even though this is a shop PC, that doesn't mean I can't do some customization to the desktop. Curtains seems to be the perfect match for this laptop, and I have had a great time playing with all the themes and customizations available. I'm sticking with a lighter theme for now, but those dark themes from danioc are quite tempting!

Amazon Music is next up in the installation list. I subscribe to Amazon Music and since this laptop has Bluetooth, I can connect it to my garage speaker so I can have plenty of music in my shop.

Another one of my favorite apps on both PC and iOS is Microsoft OneNote. It's one of the best multi-platform apps for taking and sharing notes on a variety of devices. I can put some ideas down on OneNote on my iPad and then have them to work on in either my office or shop PC. 

That's really most of the basic apps I have installed so far. Of course there are some shop specific apps like Carbide Create and Carbide Motion for CNC work. Also, Lightburn is a great app for laser applications. 

So far this "cheap" laptop has done more than I thought it would, and to be honest I'm quite surprised given the price point of this machine. I guess it's good to know you can get a decent PC for a low price if you needed to, as long as you know the expectations of such a low cost device.


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I'm working on types of content people like and want more of on WinCustomize. Something I'm looking at now is triggered .dreams for DeskScapes. A triggered .dream is basically an animated wallpapers that changes at a designed point. Blissful Dream was always one of my favorites.

So my question to the community is do you use any triggered .dreams?

If so, what specifically do you like and what themes would you like to see. For example, .dreams that switch from day to night.

If you have any other thoughts on triggered .dreams, please leave them in the comments. 



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Stardock's Curtains released this week and Danioc has been hard at work on themes for it. He just released a new one on WinCustomize and it is hot! It's a dark theme pack with multiple color variations, and has quickly become one of my favorites.

Check out Play for Curtains.



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It's hot here. I mean really hot. With that being said I need make my desktop a bit more "cool" by giving it an ocean theme with nice virtual breeze that I can imagine relaxing and cooling off with.

Fortunately, we have plenty of those types of designs here on WinCustomize. Lets take a look at some of the best ones to try!

Barreling Ocean Waves for Wallpapers


Reflections for DeskScapes Animated Wallpapers


Swimming Sea Turtle for Wallpapers


Fantastic Ocean Sunset for DeskScapes Animated Wallpapers


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