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Yesterday, 11:37 PM by Discussion: Movies & TV & Books

Star Trek: Discovery premieres this weekend, so lets use this thread to discuss.


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The WindowBlinds 10.65 beta is now available for download. 


  • Task Manager buttons not painting until mouseover (Nvidia)
  •  GeForce Experience crashing during Google log-in
  •  Screen corruption in GeForce Experience
  •  Chrome on Win8 excluded from being skinned (due to Chrome incompatibilities
  •  Added option to clear settings on uninstall

Current WindowBlinds 10 users and Object Desktop members can download the beta here or from your Stardock account.

Please uninstall the previous version, reboot and then install the new version.
Your feedback on this beta is appreciated. Please post any issues or feedback to this thread.
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Or, buy both together and get them for less than $10

Yesterday, 5:00 PM by Discussion: WinCustomize News

 Customize your PC just the way you like it for less than $10*
with Fences and Start10!

Place files anywhere on your desktop and access them easily with Fences. Set up a Start menu experience
that matches your style with a
Windows 7 or new sleek modern design with Start10.
Combine the two and conquer your desktop clutter in a style that's unique to your needs. 


Reg. $9.99   Now $7.49
Automatically organize your desktop shortcuts and icons with Fences.

  • Create shaded areas to organize your desktop
  • Double-click the desktop to hide or show icons
  • Define rules to organize your desktop icons
  • Create a desktop portal from any folder
  • Swipe between multiple pages of fences
  • Shows well on modern, high DPI monitors
  • Roll up fences to the title-bar for cleaner desktops

Reg. $4.99   Now $3.74
Customize your PC with Start10, the first Windows 10 Start menu alternative.

  • Adds a Win 7 styled Start menu with Win 10 enhancements
  • Pin desktop and modern apps to the Start menu
  • Jump list support
  • Filtered search for apps, settings, and files
  • Automatically matches the color of your taskbar
  • Integrates Fences right into the menu
  • Skinnable Start button

Get the Fences and Start10 Bundle on Steam and save!
Enjoy both apps for less than $10 and be on your way to PC greatness.


View the full list of products on sale!

*Sale ends September 25, 2017 at 1PM ET


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We show a lot of skins and themes, but WinCustomize also has a wide selection of desktop wallpapers. This is one of the latest submissions from c31marius called Stranded. Download the full 4k version from the link below.

Download here:

Get more Wallpapers here:

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Fences and Start10 are two popular apps from Stardock. Fences is an app that lets you organize your desktop icons into customizable fences. Start10 is an alternative Start menu for Windows 10 that brings additional options over the default Start menu. Both of these are also included with an Object Desktop membership.

One of the great things about having both these apps is they work wonderfully together and Start10 has an integrated feature with Fences which allows you to show your fences in the Start menu.

There’s really no setup involved, you just need to make sure in Start10 you are using either the Windows 7 Style or Modern Style Start menu configuration.


I have several fences on my desktop including folder portals, and with the Start10 integration I can now have quick access to them via my Start menu.

As you can see in the screenshot below, my ‘Desktop Stuff’ fence also shows up in my Start menu.


Learn more about Start10 and Fences.

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We have another great looking skin from retiredmaster called Fero. This is a minimal skin which is perfect for someone who wants a WindowBlinds skin with a simple yet beautiful design.

Download here:


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Control 2 PCs with one keyboard and mouse

Sep 7, 2017 5:00 PM by Discussion: Press Releases (WC)

Multiplicity is a versatile, secure, and affordable wireless KVM software solution that lets you connect multiple PCs and work easily between them with a single keyboard and mouse - and now it's on Steam! Learn more here.


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Happy Friday, WinCustomize members! It's a long holiday weekend for many of us so lets kick it off with a new WindowBlinds skin by LightStar called Moderna. This has a flat design with a modern touch that can easily be your WindowBlinds skin for daily use.

It's designed for Windows 10, 8 and 7, so be sure to add this one to your library.

Download here:

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Aug 30, 2017 5:00 PM by Discussion: Personal Computing

Our support team here at Stardock fields a lot of questions, but most commonly they receive communication from customers who aren't sure how to use and access their accounts. This quick guide will show you how to navigate our support site and make changes to your account without having to contact anyone! 

Navigating the support site
First, let's take a look at where you can access your account info, product downloads, password reset, and much more. Check out our support site here:


Updating email address and account info
Sometimes, email addresses aren't used forever. We get a lot of messages asking us how to change email addresses or update account information. It's really easy if you've created a Stardock account! You can change or update your email address, community avatar, and name through our support site.  If you don’t have a Stardock account, you can easily create one here.

Here's where you can edit your account details:


Resetting your password

When you have a million passwords to remember (because every website has different password creation conditions, am I right?), it's pretty common for people to forget which one they're using for their Stardock account. Resetting your password is really easy, all you'll need is the email associated with your account! Then, you'll get a return email with instructions on what to do from there.

You can reset your password on this page:


Accessing your downloads and product keys

Your Stardock account is your friend. Well, not really, but it's definitely the key to keeping track of any software or games you've purchased from Stardock's store. If you need to access a product key for any reason, you can have it emailed to you by entering your account email here.

For more details on your downloads, look here: Stardock Store: Downloading Your Purchases

Managing mailing list preferences
You can sign up for different mailing lists and manage your preferences here. To stay up to date on what's going on here at Stardock, subscribe to our Stardock Magazine. To be sure you don't miss a great sale on software or games, join our special offer mailing lists. 


Managing and accessing your Stardock account is super easy! However, if you still have an issue or question about your account, you can always feel free to contact our support team and they will be happy to provide additional help.

You can contact our support team here:

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Aug 29, 2017 1:05 PM by Discussion: OS Customization

Since we don't have a wiki any longer, I wanted to at least have a place where tutorials and guides can be listed for easy reference.

More will be added.


Object Desktop

Object Desktop: The Benefits of Membership

Reminder: Backup Your Object Desktop Apps!

Using Object Desktop Manager


Stardock Store 


3 Tips for Using Stardock's Fences 



3 Tips for Using Stardock’s Start10



WindowBlinds 10 Walkthrough: Changing your Desktop Theme

WindowBlinds 8 Walkthrough: Changing and Applying Skins

WindowBlinds 8 Walkthrough: The New User Interface

WindowBlinds 8: Colors, Textures, and Backgrounds



DeskScapes 8: How to Have Animated Wallpapers on Your Windows Desktop

Animated Wallpapers for Windows 8 with DeskScapes 8

How to Create an Animated Wallpaper Using Stardock’s DreamMaker

DeskScapes: Using Random Wallpapers on Your Desktop












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