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Summer isn't officially here for a couple of weeks yet, but it's the beginning of June and I'm getting my desktop ready for the beach. I like to keep some of my desktop themed with the seasons, and Summer is one of my favorites. 

We have lots of skins and themes to change the whole look of Windows, but today I'm going to highlight some animated wallpapers for DeskScapes.

We've also been working on the site getting the tag functionality working great. Many creators have been adding them to their skins which should make searching for a particular type of skin a bit easier. So if you are looking for more of these use words like "tropical", "beach", "summer", etc. and you get a bunch of great selections.


Paradise Beach

Tropical Beach from Above


White Sand Aqua Ocean

The Island Life


Grand Turk Waves


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Object Desktop is a suite of desktop enhancements that lets you change the look and functionality of Windows. Being an Object Desktop member gives a lot of great value with full access to many popular Stardock applications, betas, and any new or updated apps.

Check out all the apps included with Object Desktop here.

As long as your membership is active, you will always get updates to the latest versions of everything within Object Desktop, as well as any new apps that are added during that time.  When your membership expires, you will no longer have access to new updates, but you will still have access to the apps you had during your membership. Whether you plan to keep your membership active or not, it is still a good idea to keep backups of your apps, just so you have them in a pinch.

Here are two ways to get your apps backed up:

Download from your Stardock account

Every application you purchase, whether it’s the Object Desktop membership or just a stand-alone app, is available in the 'my downloads' section of your Stardock account.

Access your Stardock account here:

There, you will find all the links to the apps you have available. Simply download them and keep them for future use if needed.



Using Object Desktop Manager

If you download and install your apps using the Object Desktop Manager, then you should already have copies of all of your apps that have been installed.

The default location that they save to is: C:\Users\YourName\Downloads\Stardock

Learn more about Object Desktop here

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It's hard to believe we're already heading into June! While we're slowly getting back to normal, the beach still may be a place that some of us cannot get to just yet. If that's the case at least consider putting a tropical beach theme on your desktop until you can get there!

Stardock News:

NOW AVAILABLE: Curtains Public Beta - Add additional style modes to Windows 10!

"Stardock released a public beta for its new customization tool today. Curtains™ allows users to apply new styles along the lines of Dark Mode and Light to Windows® 10.

Taking advantage of the groundwork built to support light and dark mode, Curtains includes several new styles including Fluent, Cairo, and Crystal mode that enhance the look and feel of the Windows UI along with apps that already support light and dark mode. "

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Stardock Curtains brings new customization options to Windows

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Add these Curtains Styles from Danioc to your Collection!


New Skins and Wallpapers:

Pelorous (WindowBlinds)

Ventanas (WindowBlinds)

Spring Shore (Dream)

Flowing river between trees (Wallpaper)

Arrow (Curtains)

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Master skinner Neone6 has been busy getting some premium IconPackager themes delivered to the WinCustomize gallery! Some of these are icon packs that were bundled but are now available separately. 

See these and many more in the IconPackager gallery here.

Star Force







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SkinStudio doesn't get as much attention from the general skinning consumer since it's primary focus is the creation of skins, but lets not forget its importance as it plays a big role in bringing us skins for WindowBlinds

Over the years we've tried to make SkinStudio easier for new users to start creating skins, while keeping the advanced editing available for our experienced skinners. With SkinStudio, you can skin as much or as little as you want of the interface. You can then use the skin for yourself, or share with thousands of others in the WindowBlinds gallery on WinCustomize.

SkinStudio takes on a task-oriented design where users can go step-by-step through each section of the skin and either edit the existing skin template, or replace them completely with an image you created in Photoshop or any other graphics program.

Now we know with all the changes to Windows and WindowBlinds itself over the past few years, that SkinStudio could use some attention. That's why we want to hear from our talented skinning community on what they would possibly like to see updated in future versions of SkinStudio. 

Let us know your suggestions on what you'd like to specifically see updated in the comment section below. 

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Along with the (beta) release of Curtains, we of course have a Curtains gallery where users can upload and share their own themes. 

Our very own Danioc has been hard at work cranking out new styles for Curtains, and he's been releasing some here on WinCustomize with more to follow.

Check out these styles and check the gallery for more upcoming styles from danioc!




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I was doing some updates with Object Desktop on my laptop and while grabbing an installer file from my account, I noticed the download for ObjectBar. Wow, that brought back some memories of skinning. ObjectBar would let you create and use your own start menus, docks, sidebars, etc. and was very customizable in both functionality and skinning.

It was quite popular in the past, especially with people looking to transform their Windows desktop to imitate the look and feel of a Mac desktop. 

Here is an example of a popular skin from that time:

Another example of what ObjectBar could do:

Out of curiosity, I went ahead and downloaded it to my Windows 10 PC as I really wanted to see if it would work and what it would look like on Windows 10.

It worked for the most part, and I have to looked kind of neat.


There is some quirkiness with Windows 10, but it was definitely fun to play around with this for a while. Did any of you use ObjectBar back when it was included with Object Desktop? Do you think this is something that should be brought back for Windows 10?

We definitely want your feedback, so let us know in the comments below!


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We've been working hard to get some new content added to the wallpaper gallery, and I wanted to share some of the latest additions. These desktop wallpapers come in multiple high-resolution sizes and look great on a variety of devices. 

Take a virtual stroll through the wallpaper gallery and see what's new! If you have some favorites, do us a favor and share any with your friends or on  your favorite social network. If there's any type of wallpaper you'd like to see added, let us know in the comments below.


Hot Air Balloon over Calm Sea


Tropical Beach from Above


Kepler Planet from Space


Spring is Coming


Swimming Sea Turtle

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