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We are rapidly approaching October, and that means it's getting closer to Halloween! I recently asked the WinCustomize community about skinning holidays and Halloween came up as one of the top answers. We've always had great contributions from skinners with Halloween themes, so it's no surprise people enjoy these. 

Since we're just over a month out, I thought it's a wonderful time to start featuring more Halloween skins, and we've been working to get more Halloween themed wallpapers also.

Here's a few skins to get your started!

Bat O Ween (WindowBlinds)


Halloween Night (DeskScapes animated wallpaper)


Creepers (CursorFX)


Dark Halloween Pumpkin (Wallpaper)

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This week's community question is focusing on desktop skinning, WindowBlinds in particular! There are so many WindowBlinds skins available and I probably couldn't describe all the styles and colors available. 

I personally like more of a minimal style skin, but more "wild" skins have also been popular. If you have no preference that's certainly great, but I wanted to put out the question to our community. 

Do you prefer more minimal type skins, more "wild" designs, or does it matter to you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Sep 21, 2020 4:26 PM by Discussion: WinCustomize News

Fall official starts tomorrow! Hopefully, this means some cooler weather will be headed our way. Although we don't the seasonal color changing down here, I'd love to see some pics from our community who do get to see it.

Otherwise, some of us must be happy with just seeing seasonal colors on the desktop, and that's what todays post is about. Here's some static and animated wallpapers for the new season!

Pumpkin Patch


Yellow Fall Leaves


Autumn Leaves in the Breeze


Wind Blowing in a Wheat Field


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Somehow, I missed this giveaway earlier, but I wanted to post it as it ends this weekend. Our friends over at Neowin are giving a Lenovo Legion 5i gaming laptop (U.S. only).

Head over to Neowin for the details and how to enter:

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We have a large wallpaper gallery here and since we've been focusing on getting more content added, I was wondering how you use some of these. Specifically, do you take a desktop wallpaper and use it as the wallpaper on your mobile device such as a phone or tablet?

On most of my mobile devices I typically just use a photo from my photo album, but I have used downloaded wallpapers before.

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This is looking great!


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Sep 14, 2020 1:54 PM by Discussion: WinCustomize News

We're just about a week away from the official start of Fall, and if you are someone who likes to match your desktop with the season, now is a fantastic time to get started! 

Using the search function and just typing in "fall" or "autumn" should get you a ton of results for seasonal skins, but I've gone through and picked some of my favorites to get you started.

Starting off with a good WindowBlinds skin is a great foundation to build on. Fall Color is a beautiful WindowBlinds skin that is a great starting point for any fall desktop. Also check out the Fall 2 Master skin bydon5318.

Changing the wallpaper is a good next step. We have a nice variety of both animated and static wallpapers, so you have a ton of choices. Autumn Colors is a beautiful animated wallpaper scene for DeskScapes that goes great with the above WindowBlinds skin. 

Autumn Leaves on Ground is a static wallpaper that also goes great with our desktop. 

Applying a new cursor theme with CursorFX is the next step on our Fall desktop today. We're going with the new Candy Corn FX by BONEHEADdb. It's a fun and cool design with just the right colors.

These are just a few themes to get you started but take some time to search and browse through the WinCustomize galleries. There are many more seasonal skins and themes that will get your desktop ready for the cooler weather!


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It's been great to see some skinners returning to WinCustomize and sharing some new creations. We want to extend a big welcome back to BONEHEADdb! He's been one of the top CursorFX creators on the site, and he has shared two new CFX themes which you need to check out. Can't wait to see more!

Candy Corn FX


As The World Turns


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Since the beginning of COVID, webcams have been hard to come by as vast amounts of people starting both working from home and having school at home. Webcams sold out for months and it seems they are just now slowly coming back in stock. 

If you have a Sony camera such as a RX100 or an A-series camera, you can now easily use them as a webcam without any additional hardware. Sony released the Imaging Edge Webcam application for free so if you have a Sony camera, be sure to grab it.


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Fall is right around the corner and with that we have the latest edition of the WinCustomize monthly wrap-up! This is where we'll feature some of the best news, articles, and skins from the past month in case you might have missed them.

Stardock News:

NOW ON STEAM: Curtains - Add New Style Modes to Windows 10

"Stardock released its newest customization tool on Steam today. Curtains™ allows users to apply new styles along the lines of Dark Mode and Light to Windows® 10.

ANNOUNCING: Curtains v1.1 - try the beta today!

Stardock released a v1.1 beta for Curtains today, its popular customization tool that allows users to apply new styles along the lines of Dark and Light Modes to Windows® 10. 

Taking advantage of the groundwork built to support light and dark mode, Curtains includes several new styles including Crystal, Sky, and Midnight mode that enhance the look and feel of the Windows UI along with apps that already support light and dark mode.


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New Skins, Themes, and Wallpapers:

Sonix Curtains (Curtains)

Base One (WindowBlinds)

Sandera7 (WindowBlinds)

Hud Desktop (Wallpaper)

Sunrise Over Rice Fields (Wallpaper)

4K Earth Night (DeskScapes)

As the World Turns (CursorFX)




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