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I admit I should be using more keyboard shortcuts aside from just the most basic ones such as copy and paste. I was browsing Windows Central and they have an article which lists all the essential Windows 10 shortcuts. They even have them broken down to help you narrow down any you might be looking for.

I'm going to go through it and find some of the most useful that I might use.

Here's their list:

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Jul 7, 2020 2:15 PM by Discussion: Firearms

I received my order from We The People Holsters recently and I just wanted to pass along their info in case anyone else is looking for quality holsters for their firearm.

Great quality, and best of all....American made!

I wanted an OWB holster for my Glock 19, and they also gave me a deal on an extra mag holder so why not. They have a wide variety of styles for most handguns, and the holsters can be customized with a bunch of different patterns.

You can get $10 off your purchase here.

Just as a disclaimer. I'm just a happy customer and want to promote some American made products that others might find useful. 

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Even though we are halfway through 2020 I just got an email that was telling me how Aqua Menthe is the trending color of the year. Not sure who determines this but I took a browse at some images that have that color and It looks pretty nice.

From Shutterstock:

"In web design, Aqua Menthe is an ultra-bright and vivid mint-green hue, with the hex code #7FFFD4."

What do you think about it? Would this look good on a WindowBlinds skin or Curtains theme? 

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We are approaching Independence Day here in the U.S., and I wanted to point out a few skins that you can download. Some of the coolest ones I like are the fireworks and U.S. flag animated wallpapers. 

If you have any favorites I missed please be sure to link them in the comments!

July 4th USA for DeskScapes

American Flags for Wallpapers


America for Wallpapers


Fireworks Celebration


USA Flag for CursorFX



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In one of my last blogs, I downloaded and tried out ObjectBar on my Windows 10 laptop. It was a fun experiment, and I enjoyed reading your comments on whether we should try to bring back ObjectBar. Since that got such a good response, I'd like to take a look at another app that was quite popular many years ago. It's one of my personal favorites: RightClick.

RightClick was first released somewhere around 2005, and was made in order to let Windows XP users greatly enhance the right-click desktop menu. The custom menus would let you add items such as shortcuts, system commands, tasks, and much more. You could even add DesktopX widgets to the menu!

Of course it was also skinnable, and even worked with WindowBlinds. We had a gallery on WinCustomize for RightClick skins.

Unfortunately, Windows 10 did not seem to work very well with RightClick. It took some time to get installed, and then only the menu editor would work - and that was about all I could do with Windows 10. I was a bit disappointed I couldn't get it to work, but it got me thinking about what I could possibly use it for now. 

I used to setup my right-click menu to have quick access to a favorite folder, commonly used apps, and a widget or two. I also would use RightClick to completely replace the start menu for when I wanted a really minimal desktop. 

Did any of you use RightClick back when it was available? What did you use it for, and what would uses do you think it should have for Windows 10?

We definitely want your feedback, so let us know in the comments below!

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Just wanted to drop another reminder that we have greatly improved the tag system on WinCustomize. It should help people find skins based on those tags that are searched. 

You can enter these tags when you upload or just by editing the skin. Add tags for colors, locations, holidays, themes, etc.

This will not put your skins back in moderation, so feel free to update when you can. 


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The official start of summer was just a few days ago, and not sure about where you are but it is HOT here. So much so it's hard to do much of anything outside, not to mention the other reasons you're supposed to stay inside for.

We some really cool themes on WinCustomize that are perfect for a summer desktop. I picked out several that might help you put a great summer desktop together.

When have that desktop ready, show it to us on our monthly desktop screen thread here!


Summer Slice for WindowBlinds


Beach for WindowBlinds


Paradise Beach for DeskScapes 

Coconut Trees on Seashore

Net Surfer for CursorFX


Savers for ObjectDock background



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Jun 19, 2020 5:27 PM by Discussion: OS Customization

This is a detailed tutorial for SkinStudio which shows you step-by-step with images on how to create a WindowBlinds skin.  It was created by Master Skinner Vampothika and we give her a big thanks for helping out the community with this.  Also, another big thanks to gmc2 for getting the resources for this so we could share it with the community.

There’s a lot of images with this tutorial, and it’s broken up into 3 directories.  I wanted to make it easy to view, so I created an html image gallery that will allow you to browse and view the images on your PC.

Download: SkinStudio Tutorial

Unzip the folder and double-click the Index shortcut and the gallery will open with your browser.  Now, get to creating a WindowBlinds skin!

8-29-2013 10-35-58 AM

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It is a good time to give your PC a little maintenance. I also got a new SSD drive just for games, and while I was installing that I was amazed at the amount of dust that has accumulated in the case. I had to disassemble the CPU cooler to get all the years of dust that got trapped in the heat sink.

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Jun 15, 2020 7:06 PM by Discussion: WinCustomize News

As we hit the halfway point in June, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at last month and see what some of the most downloaded themes for CursorFX was. 

Oberon 7 by Vampothika

Piranha FX by neone6


Hal 2030 by theAVMAN


Black Fire by Vampothika


It's easy to see why these are still some of the most popular cursor themes on WinCustomize. The detail and animations are just top-notch! 

Have you downloaded or used these cursor themes yet?


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