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The ModernMix 1.14 beta 2 is now available for download.  Registered users can download the latest beta from their store accounts page at New users can begin a 30-day, fully functional trial of ModernMix by downloading

If you are a subscriber to Object Desktop, you can update through the Object Desktop Manager if you have "show beta downloads" enabled in the settings.

New in this beta:

  • Fixes issues on Windows 8.1 Update where taskbar items were being left behind for some users


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We have a new Master WindowBlinds skin submitted today from basj called Simplic.  This WindowBlinds skin takes on a more flat design, and this look works very well on the desktop.  It’s designed for Windows 8 and Windows 7, and makes a great addition to your skin collections.

If you are a WinCustomize Subscriber, you get a 20% discount on Master skins.

Simplic by basj

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pc_world_logo.svgPCWorld has an article up today showing how Windows 8 users don’t have to wait until Windows 9 or any other updates to get the Start menu back and put Modern apps in desktop windows.

“For less than the cost of a pizza, you can have Windows 9’s most-anticipated improvements right now. And once you’ve welcomed a Start Menu replacement and ModernMix into your workflow—especially paired with the Windows 8.1 spring Update’s tremendous tweaks —you might just be surprised how well those newfangled Modern apps translate to the familiar desktop experience.”

Read the full article at PCWorld.

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Yeah, it's not very wise to tweet terrorist threats to an airline on Twitter. The Dutch girl ended up being arrested for this.



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We’ve had quite a few skin submissions in the past couple of days, so lets take a look at some of the latest additions to the skin galleries.

Simplic IconPackager

Clear Pink Lady


Pink Champagne


Zone15 Start Button

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I posted recently about the announcement of the next big update for Windows Phone, which is the 8.1 update.  Today, the developer preview was released by Microsoft, so developers and enthusiasts can download and try the new update before it hits the general public in the next few month.

You have to register as a developer (free) and download the preview app from the Windows Phone store to get the update.  I've installed it on my Lumia 920 and like many of the improvement, but I need to spend some more time with it.


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Lets do a quick roundup of some skins and themes that were submitted to WinCustomize this past week.  We had a fantastic new Master WindowBlinds skin added, several animated wallpapers, some DesktopX and Sysmetrix goodies, and some real nice WindowBlinds skins.


Classic Gray


Triberg Waterfall

Flash on Black SMX

Mountains Edge w/sound effects

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We do it for our desktops, so lets start a new thread where we can post screenshots of our smartphone or tablet screens.  You might have some customizations to show off, or just have a great way of organizing your device.

Mine here is a Lumia 920 running Windows Phone 8. 


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Fences has been one of the most popular desktop organization apps since its introduction several years ago. It has nearly 5 million downloads on alone and has been recommended by many publications including Lifehacker, PCWorld, and more.

If you aren’t familiar with what Fences does, let me give a brief explanation. If you have a desktop full of icons they can quickly add up and become an unorganized mess in a hurry. Fences lets users create shaded areas on the desktop which contain groups of icons which you can organize inside these areas.

There’s lots of other cool features in Fences that can help you to keep your desktop organized, and here are 3 of my favorite tips to get the most out of using Stardock’s Fences.

Get Fences for just $9.99


Use Rules for Sorting

This is an awesome feature that I think some users might overlook when setting up Fences. You can setup rules in Fences which will help you with sorting and auto-organizing icons. By default, any new icons appearing on your desktop just go right to the desktop. By using a rule, you can set it up to where a certain type of icon will be placed in a fence that you define.

For instance, you can create a rule that will place all new image icons into a fence you have created just for that purpose. You can choose from a variety of types for your rules such as images, documents, folders, web links, and more.  You can also set name-based and time-based rules as well.



Customize the Appearance

We like customization, and there’s quite a few ways you can customize your fences. My personal favorite ability is being able to adjust the transparency of a fence. This works great when trying to blend in with a desktop wallpaper I might be using. Fences also allows you to adjust the color by using sliders, and you can also adjust the label text, size, and font used.

Another cool trick is that you can hide a fence by right-clicking the fence, and setting it’s opacity to 0. With that set, the fence and its icons will be hidden until you mouseover the fence.



Create Folder Portals

Do you have a favorite folder you access al the time and want an easier way to interact with it? With Fences you can create a Folder Portal that you can access the contents of any folder right on your desktop. Setting up a portal is nearly the same as setting up a regular fence, but you’ll just need to select the folder to you want to access.


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Rumba is the latest Master WindowBlinds skin from LightStar.  This has an overall fantastic design with a dark base, but brilliant use of color to highlight important ports of the Windows user interface.  It’s designed for Windows 7 and Windows 8, and also includes ObjectDock skins and wallpapers.  Don’t forget that WinCustomize Subscribers get a 20% discount!

Rumba by LightStar

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