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Paul Thurrott shows Windows 10 users how to get the Windows 7 start menu with Starock's Start10.

“When I think about the experience of upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10, there is only one major area of concern from a user experience standpoint: the new Start menu. Yes, Microsoft should be applauded for listening to customers and bringing it back. And yes, I do feel that the new menu is both usable and better than the version in Windows 7. But for many users, and businesses nervous about training costs, this new UI could prove a bit too different from what they’re used to. Fortunately, there’s a fix.”

Read it here:


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Start10 .99 beta is now available for download. Start10 adds the familiar Windows 7 start menu experience to Windows 10. To learn more visit

Update includes:

  • Added OS blur for the default and modern themes when transparent.
  • Now picks up the Windows 10 color scheme.
  • Updated UI that brings the modern theme onto the main page and adds a more visual way to choose start buttons.
  • New advanced style options.
Current customers can download the update from their Stardock account.
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Jul 29, 2015 4:21 PM by Discussion: Personal Computing

Windows 10 is here today and we’ve seen lots of questions about compatibility with Stardock software. I wanted to take the time to post a chart with compatibility so you can know what to expect when you update to Windows 10.

We also have lots of exciting things ahead for Windows 10 starting with Start10 which is currently available in beta, and will be released in August. We’ll also have more news soon about Fences 3 and gamers on Windows 10 should also be on the lookout for the Ashes of the Singularity benchmark also coming next month.

Now is a great time to be an Object Desktop subscriber. Learn more about Object Desktop here.


  • Please note that even though we say it’s working on Windows 10 doesn’t mean full compatibility or supported and there is always the chance that issues will arise when being used with a brand new operating system.

Make sure you are on our mailing lists which you can sign up for on Also follow us on Twitter @stardock and our Facebook page.

App Compatible? Notes
WindowBlinds 8 No  
Start8 No Start8 customers can upgrade to Start10 here:
DeskScapes Yes  
Fences Yes  
ObjectDock Yes  
CursorFX Yes  
WindowFX No  
Tiles Yes  
ShadowFX Yes  
Theme Manager No  
Decor8 No  
IconPackager No  
ModernMix No  
Keyboard Launchpad Yes  
SkinStudio No  
Launch8 No  
SoundPackager No  
IconDeveloper No  
Multiplicity Yes  
Acoustic Bridge Yes  
SpaceMonger Yes  
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We are updating our Object Desktop website and we want to feature some of the great screenshots with Stardock apps that the community often posts. We want to show other potential users how others are customizing their desktops and direct them to WinCustomize to get these great skins created by our members.

If you have a screenshot we'd like to take a look and maybe have it featured.

We're looking for screenshots with Stardock software only shown. A mix of several apps is great, but we just need them all to be Stardock apps as that's what we're wanting to show. :)



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Stardock will be closed for the week starting on Monday, June 29th and we will be returning on Monday, July 6th. We will be monitoring support tickets and forums during this time, but expect delays in responses during this time.

If you'd like to see some of the things Stardockians are doing on their time off, then be sure to follow us on our various social media channels and look for the #StardockWeekOff hashtag. We'll be sharing images of some of our adventures over the week.
Follow us on:
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We’ve had quite a few Master WindowBlinds skins submitted recently, and I wanted to highlight some of the latest. If you are a WinCustomize Subscriber don’t forget you can get 20% off your Master skin purchases.


Harmoniez by basj



Lambro by starone



Orex by LightStar



Next Domain by Vampothika

Next Domain

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Post a screenshot of your desktop and show other members what skins and themes you are using on your desktop.


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Pandoria is another Master WindowBlinds skin by neone6 to make its way into the WinCustomize galleries. This suite includes 5 skins and is compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 7. If you are a WinCustomize Subscriber, don’t forget your 20% discount.

Pandoria by neone6

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The latest Master WindowBlinds skin from LightStar is now available to purchase on WinCustomize. This skin is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 and WinCustomize Subscribers can get it with their 20% discount off Master Skins.

Trafalgar by LightStar

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We've had several new Master WindowBlinds skins added to the galleries over the past week or two, and I wanted to make sure to highlight them. Remember, as a WinCustomize Subscriber you get a 20% discount on Master skins.

Trio by LightStar



evolver by neone6



Blade by LightStar



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